Chase Kojima’s Sashimi and Cooked Snapper

Here’s how Japanese-cuisine-expert, Chase Kojima uses a whole snapper to create a starter and main meal.

Craving Japanese sashimi, but have no idea how to make it at home? Chase Kojima of Sokyo, Kiyomi and Chuuka is here to help. If you opt to use a whole snapper, not only can you use it for sashimi, you can also cook the rest as part of the main meal. Follow Chase’s delicious recipe below …

Ingredients for sashimi

300g New Zealand snapper fillet (1.2kg, if whole)

30g sesame seeds

15g chives

15g shio kombu

20ml white soy (if white soy not available just use sea salt to taste, do not use normal soy)

80ml olive oil (or any type of oil)

40ml lemon juice

Ingredients for snapper and rice

300g New Zealand snapper

2 cups any Japanese rice

100g Asian mushrooms

7-15g dashi powder (add slowly to taste)

Tsuyu (Japanese dashi concentrate)

40g green onion to taste

500ml water for soup