The Art Of The Peking Duck Pancake

Peking Duck is a signature dish at Uncle Su. It is a simple and delicious combination of ingredients that make up a beautiful dish.

Whether it’s your first time trying a Peking Duck Pancake or you’ve had it many times, we hope to provide a little inspiration for everyone to try the ‘Uncle Su’ way of creating this delicious dish.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

A show in itself, the duck is finely sliced at the table by the Uncle Su team and served with the freshly steamed pancake, signature peking duck sauce and alfalfa sprouts.

Now for the fun part – building your perfect Peking Duck Pancake!

Step 1. Lay one pancake on the plate. Spread the signature peking duck sauce through the middle of section.

Step 2. Place a piece of the duck over the section where the sauce has been spread.

Step 3. Place the alfalfa sprouts on the duck.

Step 4. Time to wrap it up! Fold the bottom half of the wrap over the duck, followed by the right and then the top section.

There you have it!

Your delicious Peking Duck Pancake is ready for you to enjoy!

We’d love to see you try this and tell us what you think!

Tag us @_UncleSuGC with your Peking Duck Pancake creations or even better, visit us at the Uncle Su Restaurant and order straight from the menu!