Are You A State of Origin Super Fan? Take The State of Origin Super Quiz

On June 9 at the MCG, Australia’s greatest sporting rivalry is resumed as State of Origin 2021 kicks off. State verse state, mate verse mate – brush up on your State of Origin facts with our Blues vs Maroons super quiz, and you can put your mates in a state, as you enjoy a beer before kick-off.

You know a global pandemic is serious when State of Origin is postponed. COVID-19 managed to push the series back to November for the first time ever in 2020. The earliest in the year it’s been played is May 3, back in 1993.

But then you knew that didn’t you? No? Then you better get stuck into our State of Origin quiz below.

State of Origin fans at Sports Bar

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Warning, only a true State of Origin star will own this quiz…

  1. Let’s start with the fact that when the teams kick off at the MCG in 2021, it will mean as many Origin games have been played at the MCG as at rugby league’s iconic Sydney venue the SCG. How many games is that per ground?
  2. Indeed, the biggest-ever Origin crowd was in Melbourne at the MCG – 91,513 people. In what year was this record made?
  3. The lowest crowd at a State of Origin game was 12,439. That was in 1987 during the first and only time that the game has been played outside of Australia. In what city was it played in that year?
  4. Apart from the odd foray into Victoria, the State of Origin tournament is traditionally split between NSW and Queensland. It has however been held in two other Australian cities. Which ones?
  5. In what year did Origin became a 3-game series? Hint: It was after beginning its inception as a single game in 1980. That game in 1980 was the first time players had been picked based on the state they first played senior rugby in. Until then, rep games between Queensland and NSW teams had been picked based on where they were playing at the time.
  6. What was the name of the former Queensland captain, a journalist at the time, who ‘invented State of Origin’? Taking on the idea, fellow journalist Hugh Lunn persuaded Queensland Rugby League chairman Rom McAullife to go with the concept, with the brilliant line, ”you can take the Queenslander out of Queensland, Ron, but you can’t take Queensland out of the Queenslander.”
  7. Before then, the first interstate game was played back in July 1908 – with NSW winning 43-0. Prior to Queensland winning that first State of Origin game in 1980, what was the last year that Queensland won an interstate rep game?
  8. The lowest scoring game of Origin was in 1995 when Queensland beat NSW by how many miserly points to nil?
  9. NSW have used the most players with 287 donning a NSW State of Origin jersey. How many have had the honour for Queensland?
    • a) 202
    • b) 197
    • c) 263
  10. A current Sky Sports presenter was the youngest to ever pull on a jersey – he played for Queensland when he was just 18. What is his name?
  11. Cameron Smith has pulled on an Origin jersey the most times – wearing the Maroon top 42 times. For the Blues, it’s current coach Brad Fittler, who has played how many times?
  12.  Cameron Smith has also been Man of the Match in seven of those 42 games – one less than a player known as ‘The King’, who has been the best player on the field eight times. What is The King’s real name?
  13. Pulling on the ref’s jersey the most times is the legendary Bill Harrigan, who had the whistle in his hands for 21 games. He also clocked up the most games in a row (a record that is unlikely to ever be broken). How many was it?
  14. Top scorer for the Blues is a slightly obscure name in today’s game. This player scored 129 points – including 42 goals – between 1985 and 1991. What was his name?
  15. What is the name of the Maroons player who scored 212 points – the most by any Origin player?
  16. The most wins by a coach is the legendary Mel Meninga with 20 wins. Mel was also Man of the Match in the first series game back in 1982. Most wins by a Blues coach is Phil Gould. How many wins has Phil had? For those playing at home, Phil now does those iconic pre-game speeches from the centre of the pitch.

    How did you go? If you scored, between 0–5, the next round is on you. If you scored above a round 10, then someone really should buy you a drink – you’re truly a State of Origin star.

Did you know The Star is a proud partner of the NSW Blues? Show your colours and cheer on the boys this season by learning the anthem.

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  1. Six games apiece
  2. 2015
  3. Long Beach, California
  4. Once in Perth and once in Adelaide.
  5.  1982
  6.  Jack Reardon
  7. 1959
  8. 2
  9. a) 202
  10. Ben Ikin
  11. 31
  12. Wally Lewis
  13. 12
  14. Michael O’Connor
  15. Johnathan Thurston
  16. 14

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