Homemade For Mum: The Star Gold Coast Chefs Reminisce And Reimagine Childhood Favourites

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, chefs at The Star Gold Coast will showcase and pay homage to sentimental homemade dishes that remind them of the most important women in their own life – their mum.

Here, we hear from the chefs firsthand about how they bonded with their mother’s over food, and how their inviting diners to do the same with mothers or mother figures in their lives.

One bite of your mums cooking and you’re instantly taken back to your childhood kitchen.
Well, at least that’s the case for the chefs at The Star Gold Coast, many of whom attribute their passion for food to their younger years, learning the ropes of the kitchen from one of the most important women in their lives – their mothers.
But how can you recreate that feeling? And the most important ingredient of all – a mother’s love?
We put each of the chef’s to the test, inviting them to reimagine of their favourite dishes from their childhood, and invite diners for a sneak peek into their family kitchen.

Executive Chef of Kiyomi, Winson Law, was excited to spotlight one of his all-time favourite dishes, his steam egg custard with minced pork and spring onion.

One of those dishes Law claims every time he eats it, “all [his] childhood memories are back,” its the simplicity of the marinated pork mince infused with soy sauce, spring onion and garlic, gently poured over a soft silky steamed egg that feels like a hug from mum.

Following suit in a celebration of flavour, Uncle Su’s Executive Chef Song Yao Su can’t go past his childhood favourite, Fried Coral Trout Fillets.

Carefully pan seared, the succulent and moist Coral Trout is simmered in a delicious soy sauce and finished with a crispy skin, creating a mixture of flavours and textures to enjoy.
“My mom used to make fried fish for us when we were little. It was a little spicy, a little sweet and a little sour. The reason she made this dish was it made us want to eat more rice. To help us grow up strong and healthy!”

In the household of Chris Mcleay, Chef de Cuisine at Cucina Vivo, “Spaghetti Bolognese was a staple, and [Mcleay’s] mum always served the dish with a dollop of sour cream.”

Reaching the stage where he and his sisters could not eat Bolognese without it, McLeay is recreating the delicious memory with a twist in his Casarecce Bolognese. The 30-hour ragu, which features a pomodoro sugo infused with Pecorino Romano and cream adds a richness to the dish that continues to be the family favourite, generations later.
With all heartfelt gestures, comes dessert.
Growing up in a small country town in Austria, Herbert Tossman, Head Chef of Pastry at Garden Kitchen & Bar recalls trips to the city always concluded with a visit to one of his mum’s favourite pastry shops.

As an ode to the specialty dessert of one such shop, Tossman’s Nuss Torte combines golden oven-baked hazelnuts and soft, spongy cake layered with Nutella icing. Tossman is delighted to invite diners to taste a recipe that he says, “many years later, as a young pastry apprentice [he] was able to get hold and would bake it for [my mother] every Mother’s Day.”
The Star Gold Coast chefs are inviting guests to spoil their mother’s and mother figures in their lives to share fond memories over food, just as they did when they were young. Book a table at The Star Gold Coast now.

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