Flying Fish’s Executive Chef Adam Hall Shares Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Luxurious Ingredient – Caviar

With caviar becoming a huge trend in 2022 and going nowhere for 2023, Flying Fish’s executive Chef, Adam Hall shares insights into how caviar is harvested, where to find the best roe, and what pairs best with this iconic ingredient.

Caviar is one of the most exclusive, recognisable and luxurious ingredients across the world and, while many think good caviar can only come from places like Europe, you can find some of the world’s best, sustainable roe from right here in Australia.

Traditionally, caviar refers to the roe (aka fish eggs) from wild sturgeon from the Caspian Sea and Black Sea however, there isn’t any trademarking on caviar to date so it can be sourced from anywhere – unlike the way Champagne can only be bear such a moniker when it is from the Champagne region of France.

At Flying Fish, we pride ourselves on celebrating the flavours and freshness of the very best produce from across Australia’s land and sea. So, while European caviar may be great, we like to source ours closer to home. Our favourite Australian caviar find so far? You can’t go past the incredibly dedicated team at Yarra Valley Caviar in Victoria.

The team behind Yarra Valley Caviar have been hand-milking every fish from their boutique freshwater aquaculture farm for over 20 years and I’ve long been impressed by the consideration they take to ensure every fish is cared for from hatchery to harvest, and love the incredible, unique flavoured produce they create.

We have five different varieties of Yarra Valley’s award-winning pearls from three fish species on Flying Fish’s menu including; Premium First Harvest Salmon Roe, Rainbow Trout Roe, Brook Trout Roe, Truffle Infused Brook Trout Roe and Smoked Salmon Roe – all of which have their own unique taste profile.

When it comes to consuming each variety, I recommend indulging in a taste of each in the order I’ve listed them out above – it takes you from the lightest and freshest right through to the richest and smokiest flavours, similar to what you would find in a wine tasting.

Start with the Premium First Harvest Salmon Roe as it is a soft, palatable pearl that melts in your mouth and accentuates the taste buds with a crisp salty burst of flavour.

Next, move onto the Rainbow Trout Roe, a small sized pearl, with an unique and subtle earthy flavour. Characterised by its strong red orange colour, it’s an elegant option to enjoy as an appetizer or topping to a range of varied dishes.

Follow up with the Brook Trout Roe, a rich golden colour that is slightly creamier yet still delicate in flavour, is soft on the palate and melts, rather than bursting in your mouth.

For a slightly different variation, try the Truffle Infused Brook Trout Roe – a limited edition caviar infused with the beautiful aroma and perfume of premium A Grade Black Winter Truffle to create a delicate, buttery and visually luxe Brook Trout Pearls with no additives or oils.

And, last but by no means least, finish with the Smoked Salmon Roe. Produced using a combination of 72 hour smoked red gum salt in the brining stage followed by cold smoking using a local Mountain Ash hardwood, this caviar is mild, sublime smokey flavour that bursts in your mouth.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us Flying Fish to experience this incredible Australian roe from Yarra Valley Caviar.

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