Celebrate World Whisky Day 2022 at BLACK Bar & Grill

Celebrate World Whisky Day 2022 at BLACK Bar & Grill

2012 was the year that whisky connoisseurs, enthusiasts and the casual drinker alike were granted a dedicated day to celebrate the golden nectar that is whisky; a spirit that has been tried and tested, enjoyed and loved for over a thousand years.

To celebrate World Whisky Day, we’ve partnered with GQ to showcase BLACK Bar & Grill’s indulgent experience. Executive Chef Dany Karam and The Star’s resident Mixologist, Behzad Nvaziri have curated a limited-edition dessert & cocktail pairing to mark this year’s dedicated day available in from 18th May to 31st May.

Celebrate World Whisky Day 2022 at BLACK Bar & Grill
World Whisky Day at BLACK Bar & Grill

World Whisky Day, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, highlights the top distilleries from around the world – from Scotland and Canada to Japan and beyond – encouraging the whisky fraternity to come together (responsibly) to enjoy the time-honoured production of whisky and all the flavours, subtleties and defining notes that come with it.

“World Whisky Day is an annual, global day of whisky, which invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Taking place annually on the third Saturday in May (21 May 2022), this special occasion is celebrated by whisky lovers worldwide with tastings, events and gatherings,” explains World Whisky Day founder, Blair Bowman.

 “World Whisky Day is about making whisky fun for all, not about being exclusive or prescriptive. All you need to participate is a bottle of whisky – whatever variety, however you enjoy it. The only rule is to drink responsibly!”

Celebrate World Whisky Day 2022 at BLACK Bar & Grill
Executive Chef Dany Karam sharing Whisky at BLACK Bar & Grill

This year, we’re hard-pressed to think of a better place – or a better way – to enjoy the world’s best whiskies like a true connoisseur than at The Star’s BLACK Bar & Grill – one of Sydney’s most premium dining destinations. Renowned for its decadent menu of dry-aged and wood-fired meats, BLACK has made a name for itself as a contemporary steakhouse with plenty of flair. A moody spot with harbourside views, BLACK serves up a range of impeccable meat, seafood and vegetable dishes using the highest-quality locally-sourced ingredients.

“We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable dining experiences like no other. So, for us, that means using only the finest Australian produce and the very best ingredients,” says Dany Karam, BLACK Bar & Grill’s Executive Chef.

To ensure the rest of the BLACK experience matches the indulgence of his decadent dishes, Karam works closely with The Star’s resident Mixologist and Bar Manager, Behzad Nzaziri, to curate an exclusive drinks list that matches the quality and attention-to-detail of the restaurant’s menu. And, for Nzaziri, nothing starts or ends a perfectly-marbled steak dinner quite like a whisky.

Celebrate World Whisky Day 2022 at BLACK Bar & Grill
Blackmore Wagyu at BLACK Bar & Grill

Nzaziri adds, “When you have a really good whisky to enjoy, you need to think carefully about the produce you are going to enjoy with it. So, when trying to match the right whisky to the right cut of meat, consider the fat content of the steak, the method of preparation, and any sauces or accompaniments you have planned. All these elements will affect how your palate will detect the different flavours from the pairing.”

As for what dish on the current BLACK Bar & Grill menu will pair best with a whisky, Karam says you can’t look past Blackmore Wagyu – a producer of the finest Wagyu steak that provides unrivalled and consistent cuts like nothing else on the market.

“The 600-day ration fed 200g Flat Iron steak with MBS9+ from Blackmore Wagyu is a fantastic cut that is prepared on the wood-fired grill and couples wonderfully with creamed corn, chives and crispy shallots.”   

Nzaziri continues, “This is a perfect steak to enjoy with a whisky. I’d recommend selecting a whisky with some sweetness as that will cut through the steak’s fat content and pairs beautifully with the smoky flavours of this cut.”

And if straight whisky is perhaps a little too bold for your palate, why not consider a speciality whisky-based cocktail paired with a dessert instead. Nzaziri suggests that while cocktails made with a bourbon or American Whisky might be popular, you can’t go wrong with an often-forgotten Scotch whisky-based cocktail, like the Walking Cherry.

Tarwin Blue Cheese with Figs

 “A Walking Cherry is a great cocktail to enjoy this World Whisky Day. This well-rounded and complex cocktail enlightens Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s Hazelnut and sherry characters to shine. Paired with Dany’s exclusive World Whisky Day dessert of Tarwin Blue cheese with figs, chocolate brownie, candied walnut and apple sorbet, highlights the dark chocolate and nutty tones to create an extraordinary end to the dining experience,” says Nzaziri.

As Lt. Archie Hicox says in Quentin Tarantino’s epic war-action Inglorious Bastards, “there’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch.” Don’t be that guy; round up the troops, head to The Star’s BLACK Bar & Grill and enjoy World Whisky Day like a true whisky aficionado this May 21st… Slainte! To celebrate World Whisky Day, BLACK Bar & Grill at The Star Sydney will be offering an exclusive dessert and whisky pairing. Diners will be able to enjoy Dany’s Tarwin Blue cheese with figs, chocolate brownie, candied walnut and apple sorbet dessert, with either a Walking Cherry cocktail or Johnnie Walker Blue Label neat serve for a combined price of $50.00 available from Wednesday 18th May to Sunday 31st May. To book a visit, click here.