Express Yourself: Fashion Writer Annabel Falco Talks Style

What did Cruella, Cher (both the Clueless and pop icon versions) and Madonna have in common? Killer wardrobes and a sense of personal style, of course! We chat to stylist Annabel Falco about how she expresses herself with clothes.

There’s no denying fashion often gets a bad rap. However, it’s the thing we consistently reach for in the morning, deliberate over before a date and use to stand out (or fit in) from the crowd.

And according to fashion journalist turned stylist, Annabel Falco, it’s a way of introducing yourself without speaking. “I personally LOVE that I can wake up and express my mood via my outfit,” Annabel says. “There are so many ‘themes or trends’ you can reference to make yourself feel comfortable as well as impart a piece of your personality: bohemian, femme, androgynous, glam, trendy, edgy, classic and the list goes on.”

Finding your style

Annabel has come a long way since her grade 9 disco ­– although some might argue she’d already made it. “I was very proud of the hot pink chord flare pants and hat combo I styled together,” which she says was “definitely a fashion highlight!”

Nowadays, living in Brisbane has influenced her to deviate a little from a mostly monochromatic palette and experiment with a few pop hues and prints. “I’m not one to wear colour much, but Brisbane residents love to flaunt,” she says.

Although motherhood has certainly influenced her style – “lots of prints to hide dirty finger marks and comfort is key” – she has stayed true to her fashion-loving nature. “I’ve never shied away from big earrings, tiny handbags or heals when out and about with my kids.”

Other ways to express yourself

“As a journalist I express myself through writing and imagery,” says Annabel, who has an avid following of fashion lovers on her Instagram account @annabelfalco.

“My social media channels and ambassadorships allow me to express my fashion knowledge to whoever, whenever and however I want and that is very special.”

Favourite Brisbane designer

When it comes to fashion tips, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask who Annabel’s favourite local fashion designer is. 

Thankfully for us, and you, she couldn’t stop at just one. “So many good ones to choose from. I’ll go with White Label Noba, Isabella Longginou and LJC Designs,” Annabel says.

Get the look… high tea

The cultural curator for The Treasury’s Moet High Tea, Annabel’s perfect high tea fashion ensemble was a Sir the Label ‘sea’ print maxi dress paired with Valentino raffia sandals and a Jacquemus linen bag.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for high tea, Annabel says, “I think anything slightly femme works well.”

Finish these sentences…

The last fashion investment I bought was… Shoes. I purchased my Valentino flats over Christmas and have also recently purchased four pairs of Tony Bianco shoes. Shoes are my weakness.

The last drink I ordered was… Coffee. I couldn’t do life without coffee.

If I could only eat one dish for the rest of my life it would be… Risotto. Preferably a mushroom risotto.

My power outfit for any occasion is… Suiting, for sure. Blazer, tailored pants, a T-shirt and a fab heel.