Five Japanese and Korean Dishes You Can Make With Boiled Rice

Ever boiled too much rice for one meal? You’re not alone, which is why asked Sokyo’s Sous Chef, Alex Yu, to share his favourite recipes that include rice. Here are five Japanese and Korean dishes you can make with boiled rice.


There are so many different ways to put bibimbap together. A direct translation of bibimbap means ‘mixed rice with meat and vegetables’, which leaves your options open. More traditional versions of the Korean dish are topped with a fried egg. I like to sauté vegetables – like onions, carrots, mushrooms and green veggies – and pan fry some beef then serve it up over steamed rice. To add extra flavour, I drizzle sesame oil all over it and add some gochujang (Korean chilli paste) for some spice.

Hayashi Rice

This is a simple and hearty Japanese dish and is the perfect winter warmer. Hayashi Rice is made up of thinly sliced beef, onions, button mushrooms, cooked in demi-glace sauce – made by combining one-part Espagnole sauce and one-part brown stock ­– and served alongside steamed rice. Basically, it’s like a beef stew. You can easily find a recipe online. My top tip is to find a recipe that includes red wine and tomato sauce. They really make the flavour explode.


This is dish can be enjoyed at any time of the day, which is the true beauty of it. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s quick and easy to make. It’s also the perfect solution if you have just enough leftover rice for one serving. Simply put, omurice is fried rice wrapped in a thin omelette. You can be creative as you want with the fried rice. Commonly, vegetables like carrot and onion are included, but feel free to add as many vegetables as you like. If you’re cooking omurice for dinner you can even add a protein to it, like chopped chicken, to keep you full longer.

Kaisen don

Quick Japanese language lesson for you. Kaisen = seafood. Don = rice. Kaisen don is a seafood rice bowl. Probably the easiest way to make use of leftover boiled rice. All you need to do is to top it with some seafood.  Usually, Kaisen Don is decorated with raw seafood, like sashimi, and the bed of rice is unseasoned. This dish a great option for health nuts who like eating clean.

Katsu Don

If you’re in the mood for something hearty and warm, then why not try katsu don? It’s widely known as the soul food of Japan. What makes this dish so popular is the juicy, deep fried pork cutlet that is breaded in panko crumbs. But the goodness doesn’t end there. Once the pork cutlet is fried up you add egg, onion and spring onion to the pan to further coat the pork cutlet. Once the egg is full cooked through you then pop it all on a bed of steamed or boiled rice. This dish is very popular for those who don’t love seafood but still enjoy the flavours and textures of Japanese cuisine.

Next time you have a bowl of rice leftover, make sure you make the most of it with these delicious and super easy Japanese and Korean meals.