Five Quick Questions with Head Chef of Uncle Su

Inspired by the cultural heritage and authentic Chinese family traditions of Executive Chef Song Yao Su, Uncle Su will offer an impressive rendition of classic Cantonese cuisine, created with local Australian ingredients and a coastal sensibility.  

Drawing on Chef Song’s passion for letting the natural flavours of fresh ingredients shine, guests can expect to enjoy a delicious blend of Cantonese style favourites with a selection of signature Beijing and Szechuan dishes. We sat down with Chef Song to find out more about Uncle Su.

Which signature dish must we be sure to try at Uncle Su?

My Peking Duck, which is marinated in my own secret sauce for 24 hours before being roasted and cooked to perfection. It’s then served and carved right next to your table.

What Australian ingredients do you love using?

I am really excited about all the Australian seafood we will be offering guests. We will be working closely with farmers who will supply daily fresh seafood to Uncle Su.

Like many traditional Chinese restaurants, we will have live seafood tanks featured in the room with Australian lobster, crab, abalone, coral trout, grouper, parrot fish and barramundi for guests to choose from.

What is your vision for Uncle Su?

Uncle Su will be a family focused restaurant, warm and inviting. I want it to be a place where I can welcome everyone, from the Asian demographic in the Gold Coast to those travelling down from Brisbane, to join my family’s dinner table and enjoy my take on authentic Cantonese cooking. There will be beautiful local ingredients, fresh live seafood, handmade dim sum and yum cha. And, an extensive variety of teas to pair with your meal.

What is the biggest mistake a diner can make when visiting a venue?

Lack of courage to try new items or food.  Guests not being open minded enough and feeling reluctant in trying new dishes of food, or meals that they have previously tried but cooked in a different style.

What do you want your diners to experience at Uncle Su, from the food, to service and ambience?

We want it to be warm and inviting. To feel like you are dining at my family’s home.