All The Kicks And Tricks You Need To Know For Soccer Season At The Star Sydney

The Star Kick Up Challenge is on and we’re inviting Aussie soccer fans to get involved. Here, we chat to legendary soccer trickshot star, Jed Hockin about what it takes to nail a keepie-uppie, and how soccer fans can find the most fun this world cup season at The Star.

Here at The Star, we’re a big fan of Sports – we’ve had acrobats dancing their way through the Grand Foyer, we’ve hunted down State of Origin’s biggest fans, and we’ve even 3D printed a statue of the NSW Blues’ beloved mascot Bruce.

Now, in one of our biggest odes to sport yet, we’re asking Australian soccer fans to show their support for the return of the world’s biggest football tournament and put their ball-juggling skills to the test in the search for the country’s next great keep-up star.

The Star Keep Up Challenge will see one lucky soccer fan win a front-row seat to the grand final of the world’s game at The Star’s 24/7 Sports Bar, including a $500 bar tab, and a $10,000 travel voucher to share your love of soccer with the world.

But how do you come up with a creative keepie-uppie to beat them all? Who better than current world ball-touch champion and social media sensation, Jed Hockin.

“Since I was eight, I was always outside kicking a ball so the first thing I always tell anyone looking to perfect their juggling is practice, practice, practice,” starts Hockin.

“It always helps if you play a sport and know how to control a ball. But even if you don’t, a lot of the skill of ball juggling comes from your balance and being able to move quickly on one foot and then the other.”

“A common mistake I see is people using the wrong part of their foot to keep the ball up. I’d suggest you use your toes first as it makes controlling the ball easier.”

“Keeping your knees slightly bent will also help.”

The rest comes down to your sleep, diet and exercise. To fuel up for his own attempt at Australia’s most creative trick shot, Hockin spent a relaxing night in one of The Star Grand’s best suites, before tucking into a carb-lover special at Cucina Porto, and getting his muscles working with a few laps in The Star Grand Pool.

And, for those whose ball juggling skills aren’t up to scratch, there’s still plenty to check out with The Star Sydney’s 24/7 Sports Bar is also unveiling a world class program of events and activities throughout the iconic football competition.

Local legends of the game will be making an appearance every Saturday throughout the tournament for Q&A sessions, meet & greet and photo opportunities. There will be soccer trivia, chant championships and for every match day fans visit 24/7 Sports Bar and purchase a Budweiser, they will earn a stamp to unlock limited edition collectible merchandise.

In the words of Jed, “the countdown is officially on”, so soccer fans – it’s time to get involved. Head to the 24/7 Sports Bar to see all of the action – live, large and loud!