We get career advice from the leading females that work within The Star Entertainment Group.

Jess Mellor – Chief Operating Officer, The Star Gold Coast

Jess Mellor presents at The Star Gold Coast
Jess Mellor

The youngest and first female Chief Operating Officer at The Star Gold Coast, Mellor is a star in the business world. In past roles, Mellor has returned businesses to profitability after many years of sustained losses through cultural change and even landed a CEO role at 30. But to Mellor, this success has also helped her shift her perspective of success. “I see achievement differently now,” Mellor says. “For me it’s about making a difference in ways that have a positive effect on others.”

Mellor’s career advice:
Opportunities can appear in the most unlikely places; you just need to be willing to take them.

Christina Lambert – Director of Hotels, The Star Sydney

Christina Lambert

With a self-confessed love of hospitality, it’s no surprise that Lambert landed the role at The Star Sydney as Director of Hotels in 2019. “I love being able to support and guide team members,” Lambert says. “There is nothing better than making a positive impact on our people and providing an environment that allows them to succeed personally and professionally.”

Lambert’s career advice:
If you always do your best, then hakuna matata.

Sarah Ghim Sous Chef at Fat Noodle, Treasury Brisbane

Ghim’s official role is Sous Chef at Fat Noodle, but she is also commonly referred to as Luke Nguyen’s protégé. Having worked under the celebrity chef at Fat Noodle for the past seven years, Ghim has become passionate about Asian cuisine. “I love being able to pass on my knowledge to the team and help inspire and ignite passion for Asian cuisine.”

Sarah Ghim

Ghim’s career advice:
Be confident and willing to put yourself out there to learn something new.