The Uday Way: Maple Roasted Ocean Trout

This must-try ocean trout dish from Nineteen at The Star is proof that simple techniques can deliver big on complex flavour.

The ocean trout at Nineteen at The Star Gold Coast is enough to turn even non-seafood-lovers into die-hard converts. It’s also proof that you don’t need thousands of ingredients or elaborate flourishes to create something with subtle, complex flavours. In this dish, the natural flavour profile of ocean trout is elevated through simple techniques and a little patience. The first step? The board that the ocean trout is cooked on. Planks of cedar wood are soaked for 48 hours in a mixture of water and maple syrup, which infuses its sweetness into the trout during the cooking process, while the burning cedar wood adds a balancing touch of smokiness. Below, Executive Chef Uday Huja shares the secret to creating his mouthwatering ocean trout:

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