The Uday Way: Oyster Shucking & Roasting

What makes the oysters at Nineteen at The Star so amazing? Uday Huja shares a few tips and tricks from his process with us.

When it comes to oysters, for Uday Huja, it’s not too complex or crazy. It’s about taking care of the product. Nineteen at The Star’s Executive Chef takes a great ingredient and simply prepares it, with some finesse. Learn about Chef Uday’s process of cleaning and shucking oysters below:

Chef Uday uses two types of wood to achieve the perfectly balanced flavour profile of his roasted oysters: ironbark, which creates high temperatures in the charcoal grill; and applewood, which gives off a sweetly flavoured smoke that attaches to anything that cooks with it. With their powers combined, they achieve a roasted oyster flavour that sits delicately between smokey and sweet, while still respecting the integrity of the high-quality oysters. See how the magic happens below: