What Do Dads Really Want on Father’s Day?

Our chefs share their favourite meals to eat or have cooked for them, the presents they really want and what makes the day special to them.

From the obligatory socks to homemade cakes to long lunches with plenty of delicious wine, we asked our chefs to share what they’re most looking forward to this Father’s Day.

What would your ideal Father’s Day look like?

Gabriele Taddeucci (Executive Chef, Sovereign)

For me, the ideal Father’s Day is waking up and enjoy some morning cuddles. Then, after breakfast and fishing with my son, I’d take the whole family out for lunch, then we’d spend the rest of the day doing the things we like the most.

Chris McLeay (Chef de Cuisine, Garden Kitchen & Bar)

I have worked every Father’s Day for as long as I can remember, so I try to celebrate it during the week when my son and partner are off – usually with a nice dinner at a restaurant with a bottle of wine. If I wasn’t working, it would be a lazy day spent by the pool with a few beers and a nice barbecue.

Dustin Osuch (Director of Culinary and Events, Food & Beverage, The Star Gold Coast)

My ideal Father’s Day is laid back. Ideally, I’d go for an early morning fish before spending the day with my family.  My kids are entering an amazing stage of life where they learn so much every day.  I just want to hang out with them, go to a park – maybe Tallebudgera if it isn’t crazy-packed.


Peter Robertson (Executive Chef, Flying Fish)

It definitely includes some me time! Ideally, I’ll head out early on a ride and come back for breakfast, then have a long lunch with family and an early night.


What’s your favourite meal to eat or have cooked for you?

GT: Torta Della Nonna – a crumbling shortcrust cake filled with vanilla custard and toasted pine nuts [recipe attached]. My mum, sister and I used to make it for our dad on Father’s Day and I’d like to keep the tradition going. It’s also one of my favourite cakes.

CM: It would have to be a barbecue with all the trimmings. A great quality rib fillet steak, gourmet sausages, charred corn, roasted potatoes and lots of condiments, ideally consumed by the pool.

DO: I usually ask my partner Gemma to cook “brinner”. She makes delicious sourdough blueberry pancakes using some of her sourdough starter in a normal pancake mix and tops them with fried eggs, bacon and hash browns. Not a meal you should eat all the time but great for a special occasion! Then I follow it up with a nice glass of Scotch and a movie, which I normally only catch the first 10 minutes of before falling asleep.

PR: It’s got to be a barbecue. I don’t really care whether it’s ribs, burgers, ocean trout… I just want lots of smoke, washed down with plenty of beer and a bit of whisky.

What presents are you hoping for this year?

GT: I’d be very happy to welcome a couple of new vinyls into my private collection. Some old school Italian music would be the perfect fit for this occasion. 

CM: I’ve already received my present this year – we got a Dalmatian puppy a few weeks ago that was to be my Father’s Day, birthday and Christmas presents combined. But if I was to get a present, I love the handmade presents I receive from my four-year-old. I’m not sure what he will make this year, but if last year’s present is anything to go by – hand-decorated cookies – I will be super happy.

DO: I am hoping to get a UV long-sleeved shirt for fishing to provide protection from the sun. But I’ll settle for a tie too!    

PR: Sock supremacy! Not just a few pairs of socks…. I want all the socks. Then the old collection gets retired for rags in the garage.

What makes the day special to you?

GT: Nothing is more precious than family time, so having the opportunity to spend the day together sharing some fun, good food and a glass of vino is the best I can hope for.


CM: Even at work the day can be special. Seeing all the happy families that are celebrating everything ‘dad’ is pretty great to see. Everyone who comes into the restaurant is happy and ready to celebrate. In our kitchen there are a few chefs who are new parents and it’s always fun to see what gifts they receive.

DO: I became a father late in life. My twins are only 18 months old and being the best father I can to them is important to me. So, reflecting on and celebrating the journey so far will make this day special each and every year.

PR: See above!