Whoever said breakfast was the most important meal of the day was clearly still half asleep. Here are five reasons we’ll always love brunch.

1. Brunch is a bonding ritual

The word ‘brunch’ first appeared in print in an 1895 edition of British periodical Hunters Weekly. In his article, ‘Brunch: A Plea’ writer Guy Beringer made a case for ditching the traditional heavy Sunday lunch in favour of a lighter mid-morning meal, describing brunch as “cheerful, sociable and inciting”.

“[Brunch] is talk-compelling, it puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” – Guy Beringer


More than 120 years later and while we’d wager that Beringer never waited two hours in line for his smashed avocado on sourdough, brunch remains a bonding ritual for families, friends and groups people who have nothing more in common than a hangover. It’s this opportunity for connection that feels more important now than ever.

“I remember the first time I had eggs benedict at Sunday brunch when I was about 11 years old, I was hooked,“ says Daniel Fox, chef de cuisine – casual dining at The Star Gold Coast.

“My parents used to take me out for a restaurant meal once a week and a late Sunday breakfast in Auckland city was always a winner. Nothing beats a bustling café on a warm Sunday morning with family and friends.”

“Café culture is serious business on the Gold Coast with some really great venues and the perfect weather all year round to really embrace brunch.”


2. Brunch means the weekend is upon us

Let’s face it, nobody is languishing over a stack of pancakes and a second almond latte on a Tuesday. Weekdays are for cold cereal and burnt toast, maybe a boiled egg if you’re feeling fancy. But on the weekends, you’ve got time to indulge in the good breakfast options, and thanks to the loose definition of ‘brunch-time’ (somewhere between 10am and 4pm), you don’t have to set an alarm to do so.

“You can either spend the whole morning chatting with friends and family or hit it early and get on with your day,” Daniel says.

We know which option we’d prefer.

3. Brunch is cheaper than lunch or dinner

And it combines two meals in one. What could be more economical than that?


4. Half the items on the menu are just morning desserts

Traditionally, dessert was the very small window of time within which it was deemed appropriate for people over the age of 18 to seek their sugar fix. Then the French started frying their day-old bread in eggs and drowning it in syrup and all bets were off.

From fruity smoothies and bircher muesli bowls to maple-drizzled waffles and chocolate chip pancakes, brunch is a veritable smorgasbord for those with a sweet tooth. After all, muffins are just cupcakes in a different tin.

5. But there is a brunch dish for everybody

Morning sweet treats aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of English breakfast, but the versatility of brunch means there will be something on the menu to sate even the pickiest eater.

“Chefs are pushing the envelope of what brunch can be with quality ingredients, modern techniques and amazing presentations,” Daniel says.

“Brunch is not just bacon and eggs anymore: its smoked cheeses, slow cooked meats and artisan sourdough doughnuts with fresh vibrant colours and tastes. Not to mention world-renowned coffee and champagne – what more could you want in a meal?” 

Here are five classic breakfast items on the menu at Garden Kitchen & Bar to get your morning off to a great start:

1. Bacon and egg roll

A Garden Kitchen signature, this classic breaky combination is elevated with a smoky and spicy chilli mayo, fresh tomato and spinach, and Australian tasty cheese in a light and buttery milk bun.

2. Omelette

Fresh ham and cheese in a soft rolled omelette served with roasted tomatoes and toast.

3. Avocado on toast

We pick the creamiest avocados and let them do the talking on toasted Turkish bread with a side of citrus-dressed rocket and a light seasoning of pink peppercorns, Murray River salt and olive oil.

4. Pancakes

Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup. Perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth.

5. Big breakfast

When only ‘the lot’ will do, Garden Kitchen’s big breakfast includes two eggs cooked any way, plus bacon, sausage, hash browns, roasted tomato, mushrooms, house-made baked beans and toast.

And you can also indulge in a delicious breakfast at The Star Sydney’s Sokyo. Make sure you book in advance to secure a spot.