Our 5 Favourite Green Spaces At The Star

With the help of design guru Lisa Zelinger, we’ve collected our five favourite and most lavish green spaces at The Star.

You only need to skim Instagram, Pinterest or the latest home reno show to know that plants are having a big moment in design. But look past all the monsteras and fiddle leaf figs and you’ll discover that there is a lot more to this design trend than aesthetics.

We’ve been going green inside and out at The Star Sydney with the help of our Group Manager of Design Lisa Zelinger.

“Even before the outbreak of the global pandemic we saw a growing trend in design to create a strong connection to nature for the health and sense of wellbeing for us all,” Lisa says. “There is plenty of evidence to support the integration of nature and natural elements into design to create more biophilic environments.”

Biophilic design is based on the human need to be nearer to nature and is backed up by mounting studies showing plants can improve our breathing, productivity and even mental health. “We now approach all our projects with a biophilic design approach, to bring a sense of wellness to everything we do at The Star,” Lisa says. “Biophilic design is definitely here to stay as we are all now highly focused on creating spaces that enhance wellness in any way we can.”

Here are some of Lisa’s favourite green spaces at The Star.

1. The Green Roof, Level 5 The Star Grand

If you’ve peered out over the rooftops of Pyrmont recently you might have noticed a curious garden bed blooming on top of The Star Grand roof. This sea of greenery, Lisa explains, “is a living art installation visible from much of the property”.

The Green Roof is perhaps one of the loveliest features of the hotel. “The ability to see green space and watch it grow and mature from many vantage points has great influence on the wellness of our guests and staff.”

2. Outdoor space at Sovereign Room

Lisa’s crowning jewel is the recently unveiled outdoor area in the VIP, invitation-only Sovereign Room. It’s a true calming oasis filled with greenery in a functional yet design-focused setting. The informal design creates lush visual landscapes in an indoor environment, which brings a strong sense of local spirit to this VIP space.”

Lisa reveals her design preference for indoor green spaces is to integrate them with their interiors. “We like to form a sculptural element to complement the interiors,” she says.

3. The Breathing Wall, The Darling Hotel lobby

The next time you stroll through the lobby at The Star’s lush boutique hotel, The Darling, breathe deep. With the help of Junglefy, Lisa and her team have turned an entire wall into the Breathing Wall, which is literally dripping in living greenery.

Lisa says the landscaping and choice of greenery helps to filter and purify the air in this space. “It’s also become quite the Instagram backdrop and coveted seating location within the lobby,” she says. 

4. The Darling entranceway

When it comes to designing spaces, the entranceway to a hotel can never be overlooked – first impressions count, and that is true in spades at The Star. The Darling Hotel’s porte cochère area is as classic outside as the hotel is inside. The design features a ton of potted plants and rustic panels featuring bronze and copper tones, and there’s plenty more greenery planned for the future, too. 

“We plan to include integrated living green colours and more ‘green-scaping’ as a way to create more of a connection to nature and soften the ambiance of a hard finish area,” Lisa tells us. 

 5. Bar Tikram

Alfresco dining in Sydney is a quintessential way to experience all that this city has to offer, and nowhere does it better than The Star’s Bar Tikram with its vibrant Middle Eastern-inspired menu and exotic drinks. The bonus here is that with your alfresco setting, you also get views to verdant Pyrmont Park and the sparkling harbour – bonus!

“The open-air bar faces out onto lush waterfront parkland sheltered by fig trees – one of the greenest landscapes to be found this close to the CBD,” says Lisa. “It’s the perfect backdrop to Dany Karam’s share-friendly plates of Middle Eastern comfort food.”

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