Here are the local legends ensuring our restaurant fridges across our venues stay packed full of fresh and delicious produce as we welcome hungry diners back to our venues again.

For The Star Entertainment Group, working with local and sustainable producers is of huge importance as we get to support local businesses in the communities that surround and support us. We’d like to highlight some of the incredible producers we work with day-to-day…

Fruit and vegetables

When it comes to our fruit and veggies, we like them fresh and local, which is why family-owned and operated Simon George & Sons is our go-to. Spanning four generations, Simon George & Sons have been the fresh produce industry for 90 years. They know what’s in season and where it is best to source in-season produce from. Sourcing the highest quality of fresh produce is at the heart of their business, which means every time an order arrives at our restaurant’s kitchen, we can guarantee that the what’s in the box won’t disappoint our chefs – who are tough critics – and diners.


We take pride in our oyster game. Whether you’re throwing back fresh oysters at Flying Fish or relishing Nineteen at The Star’s signature roasted oysters you can ensure you’re eating Australia’s freshest bivalves thanks to our trusty supplier, Australia Oyster Coast. Working with over 45 oyster growers who operate 13 estuaries along the east coast of New South Wales, this innovative model means that we’re getting sustainable Rock, Pacific and Angasi oysters grown in the world’s cleanest waters delivered to us daily. What we also love about Australia Oyster Coast is that, like us, it puts sustainability first.  Local oyster growers that work with Australia Oyster Coast implement estuary-wide oyster Environmental Management Systems.


If you carnivore that adores meat, then you’ve definitely heard of David Blackmore. It’s thanks to Vic’s that our restaurants, like BLACK Bar & Grill, can serve up steaks that have whopping price tags of $600. So, what makes a steak worth so much? “We use one of the best wagyu producers,” says Dany.

David Blackmore from Alexandria in Victoria.” David Blackmore pioneered the production of 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef in Australia and has been in operation for over 30 years. The company’s breeding program selects the best genetics to suit Australian conditions and ensures that the cattle is not diluted with any other breed. The particular steak was also aged for 28 days before cooking to break down the fibres, evaporate moisture and concentrate flavour.


Yes, we have a mushroom supplier. And for good reason. Some of our restaurants signature dishes feature the umami-packed fungi. Fresh, exotic mushrooms are not easy to come by. Due to their fragile nature, many delicious species of mushroom are simply not available as fresh product. But if you’re lucky enough to live in Byron Bay then they’re available in your backyard. While not all of us can call Byron home that doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to this delicacy thanks to Byron Gourmet Mushrooms. All of Byron Gourmet Mushrooms are grown on organic materials and by-products from local organic sugar can, sustainable native timber plantations and pure rainwater harvested from their own sheds.