Here are the delicious dishes we’ve missed most…

We don’t know how you spent your time in lockdown, but most of ours was spent dreaming of all the dishes we were going to treat ourselves to when the doors to our favourite restaurants swung open again. Goodbye, kitchen apron. Hello, long-neglected dinner clothes. Here are the dishes we can wait to sink our teeth into again…

Kiyomi’s Hiramasa Kingfish, Miso Ceviche, Crispy Potato

The Star Gold Coast’s Kiyomi is no stranger to blending traditional and contemporary Japanese elements together and this is no better showcased than in their Hiramasa Kingfish, Miso Ceviche, Crispy Potato. “Our ceviche sauce has hints of sweet, sour and spiciness which is a popular flavour profile for modern Asian food,” says Kiyomi’s Chef de Cuisine, Winson Law. One element of the dish we love most is the crispy potato. “It changes the texture of the dish,” says Winson. “It’s especially loved by those who are reluctant to raw seafood. Personally, I love the miso sweetness flavour, the crunchy texture and the freshness from the Kingfish.”

Nineteen at The Star’s Grilled King George Whiting

If you struggle cooking tasty fish at home, you’re not alone. It’s why we appreciate a delectable fillet of fish when we try one. Cue Nineteen at The Star’s Grilled King George Whiting. “What makes this dish so great is the fish itself,” says Nineteen at The Star Sous Chef Mitch Tucker. “Grilled over wood really elevates the dish with its subtle smoky flavours.” Uniquely cooked over iron bark and apple coals, this dish is packed with distinct flavours. Paired with a soft and creamy herb dressing and zesty lemon this dish is packed with buttery, smoky and citrus flavours that showcases the fish without being overworked. It truly encapsulates the ethos of Nineteen at The Star which is simply preparing food with a high level of finesse and execution.

Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane’s Wagyu Marble Score +5 Ribeye 300g

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all resorted to slapping a steak on the barbie when we want something quick and easy for dinner, but true steak lovers know that good steak is worth waiting for. This is why, as self-confessed steak lovers , we’ll be flocking to Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane for its locally-sourced Wagyu Marble Score +5 Ribeye 300g. “What makes this dish so great is the simplicity and ultimate quality in this specific cut of meat,” says Lukas McEwan, Group Executive Chef for Gambaro Group. “Wet aged for a minimum of three weeks guarantees optimum tenderness.” The delicate cut is cooked on Black Hide by Gambaro’s unique Montague Broiler which extracts the fat content of this Wagyu 5+ that creates the restaurant’s renowned crust.

Cucina Vivo’s Aragosta Lobster Ravioli, Bisque Sauce, Saffron Oil, Avruga

Lobster is something we’ve been craving over the last few months. And it’s why Cucina Vivo’s Aragosta Lobster Ravioli, Bisque Sauce, Saffron Oil, Avruga makes the list of dishes we’ve missed most. Cucina Vivo’s lobster dish is actually an interpretation of its Bug Tail Maltagliati. “We came into a lucky find with a load of lobsters so we changed the meat to reflect that,” says Dayan Harthill-Law, Cucina Vivo’s Chef de Cuisine. “The dish itself is a shellfish-rich dish with great pops of flavours through the saffron oil, dried heritage tomatoes and smoky avruga.” For Dayan, this dish is a labour of love. Any dish to do with shellfish is time consuming. Add on the time it takes to fill the restaurant’s in-house pasta, this is a dish that requires patience to achieve. “We need to respect the incredible ingredients to ensure we use them for all the flavour and deliciousness they can offer so that diners can have a memorable experience,” says Dayan.