Listen to The We All Bleed Blue Anthem

We All Bleed Blue Anthem by The Star Blues Choir

New South Wales (NSW) Blues fans will be singing loudly and proudly this year thanks to the launch of a catchy new anthem “We all Bleed Blue” which has landed just ahead of the much-anticipated kickoff of the 2020 State of Origin.

The passionate anthem performed by The Star Blues Choir is set to unite Blues fans in a show of solidarity for their beloved team NSW.

With sport playing a huge role in reviving our nation’s spirits as we embrace COVID-normal times, the State of Origin is set to be one of the biggest sporting events to round out 2020.

Whether new to the game, a die-hard fan or somewhere in between – The Star and NSWRL are calling out for all Blues supporters to jump on board and sing the We all Bleed Blue anthem, celebrating and giving an extra voice in support for NSW as they gear up for the first match in Adelaide.

George Hughes The Star’s Chief Marketing Officer said: “We are thrilled to release the We All Bleed Blue anthem together with NSWRL, to inject a bit of fun and positivity into what has been a very tough year for everyone.  This anthem allows all Blues fans to unite and shine a spotlight on the rich history of Rugby League and the Blues” 

Jodie Cross NSWRL Chief Commercial Officer said: “The We all Bleed Blue anthem is a celebration of the bond that the Blues team and its fans have shared over the past 40 years.”

Brad ‘Freddy’ Fittler, Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach, also said: “While the match-watching experience has been restricted due to social distancing norms, the State of Origin fever remains the same and the Blues fans never fail to celebrate, cheering loud and proud – now armed with a new anthem.”

We All Bleed Blue Anthem – The Star Blues Choir

#WeAllBleedBlue Lyrics

It was 40 years ago today
On a patch of hallowed grass
Artie took a swipe at Mick
And sat him on his arse

From Tommy down to our mate Boyd
It’s been a journey long
We bring our humble song to you
So you can sing along

We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue
Vegans vegetarians and bacon lovers too

Now beware of slippery cane toads
Or they’ll slip in for a try
Smith or Thurston or Billie the Kid
They could make a Blatchy cry

Well it wasn’t all that long ago
The blue skies turned maroon
No matter how well our team played
Our hopes and dreams seemed doomed.

We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue
Butchers and accountants
And keepers at the zoo

Then one day a chap named Freddy
He’d learned a thing or two
It’s not for me or the team we play
But the fans that bleed for you

(Spoken over drums)
And from brick veneers and fibro shacks
From Bondi beach to Burke and back
Freddie heard a distant sound
That grew and grew ‘til it shook the ground

We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue

(Guitar and band back in)
We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue
Everywhere across our state
We’re all bleedin’ blue

We all bleed blue

(Lead solo)
We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue

Everywhere across our state
We’re all bleedin’ blue

We all bleed blue
We all bleed blue

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