Your Guide to Active Beauty Ingredients

In the world of self-care rituals, there is an increasing trend towards naturally derived beauty ingredients – and we’re loving it. Here’s what you need to know.

After the chaos that was 2020, there has never been a more significant time to invest in self-care. One such self-care technique we’re loving is incorporating indulgent beauty rituals into your everyday regime. Say hello to your new best friend: active beauty ingredients.

These powerful ingredients nourish your skin in all the right ways. While each ingredient differs in its origin, function and result, the way they work is essentially the same, explains Danielle Williams, Spa Manager at The Darling Spa in The Star Sydney.

What are active beauty ingredients?

Lemon Myrtle Plant Leaves
Leaves of the plant

“Active beauty ingredients aim to counteract and slow down the natural ageing process, which occurs due to a reduction in the rate of skin cell turnover in the epidermis,” says Danielle.

Australian made and owned beauty brand Li’Tya (which means ‘of the earth’) is the one to watch when talking about these natural ingredients. All of their products have been respectfully developed by Indigenous elders using sustainably wild-harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients sourced from wild rosella, lemon myrtle, Kakadu plum, cherry alder and quandong. Li’Tya products and treatments are high in Vitamin C, exfoliating fruit acids and natural antioxidants.

Other key ingredients to mention include old man weed, which encourages cellular renewal and regeneration, Vitamins A and E and proteins sourced from oils including macadamia and avocado, and munthari berry, which contains a naturally protective wax, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Why choose active beauty ingredients?

There’s a bounty of active beauty ingredients to find in Australia’s native plants, including antioxidants, and vitamins A, C and E. Such naturally derived active ingredients have the ability to effectively improve specific skin concerns, says Danielle. Since these ingredients do not contain synthetic elements, they are cleaner and more natural than other beauty products.

Steam room at The Darling Spa
Steam room at The Darling Spa

What are the benefits?

“Antioxidant active ingredients are the most beneficial to the skin in terms of minimising the damage caused by external impacts, such as air pollution and UV exposure,” explains Danielle. “If you consider the process of oxidization and imagine a browning piece of fruit, for example, antioxidants act to do the opposite of this process.”

Antioxidants, says Danielle, help to create a defence response within the skin cells to make skin more resistant to stress factors like pollution. “This is especially important because as we age the skin’s natural ability to counteract oxidative damage decreases.”

How do they actually work?

Active ingredients enhance moisture and hydration in the skin cells, provide anti-inflammatory responses, counteract oxidation, as well as strengthen and increase collagen and elastin within the skin, explains Danielle.

“Ultimately, they work to spark a physiological change within the skin cells to create younger, healthier skin,” she says.

3 must-try active beauty ingredients

Danielle shares her top three recommendations for active beauty ingredients to start incorporating into your daily beauty regime, stat.

1. AHAs

AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids, remove dead skin cells and encourage skin renewal. 

2. Antioxidant active ingredients

Antioxidant active ingredients are essential in protecting the skin from daily exposure to damaging external factors.  

3. Skin moisturising compounds

Skin moisturising compounds, such as hyaluronic acid, help the skin to sustain hydration while also developing a barrier for it.

Spa treatment at The Darling Spa
Spa treatment at The Darling Spa

The spa treatment to try

“Our Li’Tya Dihlbi Bio Active Facial uses the power of banksia and Kakadu plum, which are plants rich in antioxidants and vitamins,” says Danielle. “The skin is supported at a cellular level and the facial targets the visible signs of ageing, reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular renewal.”

The Darling Spa offers Li’Tya treatments featuring active beauty ingredients. Click here for more information on treatments at The Darling Spa.

Pictures courtesy of The Star Entertainment Group, iStock, Jernej Graj/Unsplash.