4 Personal Stories Of Diversity & Inclusion For Pride Month

We share four perspectives on pride and diversity from team members at The Star.

The mission statement of our diversity and employee action group, Proud at The Star, is simple:

“To foster a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQI+ team members and guests, and to enable everyone to be their best and true self.” – The Star Entertainment Group

With Pride Month upon us, there’s no better time to highlight the ways in which our team at The Star feel supported to unapologetically be themselves.

We caught up with four amazing individuals who work across our business and asked them the question: What gives you pride about working with The Star?

Their responses speak for themselves…

Andrew Shepherdson, Cashier Services Manager
Andrew Shepherdson, Cashier Services Manager
Proud to be me

Andrew Shepherdson, Cashier Services Manager

I feel privileged to work for The Star as it has allowed me to feel confident to be myself and let all aspects of myself shine.

“The inclusive policies ensure that I can be safe and supported within my workplace, regardless of my age, race, gender or sexuality. It amazes me how far we have come in the 24 years I’ve worked here. I can now be myself. I can talk about my husband without having to couch my words and I no longer feel I need to pretend to fit in. What makes me even prouder is that The Star does not rest on what it has done but looks to constantly reassess where improvements can be made.”

Authenticity shines a light

Carmen Mitchell, Gaming Area Manager, The Star Gold Coast

“There are so many reasons that I feel pride working for The Star. The majority of my favourite times at work are when I have the opportunity to work with others. I love people and all of their intricacies and differences. I celebrate individuality and realise we all live different lives, and walk different paths, and that all of our journeys are vastly different. I feel pride in working for a company that reflects my same thoughts in celebrating authentic behaviours. 

We all come to work to support our livelihoods, and I know our workplace is a space where we can share our ideas and opinions freely and perform our best work because of the environment and culture our business has created for us, irrelevant of our sexuality, gender, age or culture. We achieve daily goals and success for our company because we support each other and value each other as teammates. 

I consider myself so lucky to be a part of The Star team, because we work in a safe environment where we are cared for and respected for these differences. The Star celebrates many diversity groups which reinforces, in my opinion, the recognition that our leaders know how to help us excel and feel protected at work. We build trust with each other and encourage and support each other to achieve growth both personally and professionally and that fills me with great pride. As individuals we all bring something a little different to the table and it is vitally important that we allow each other to feel seen, valued, and included in decision making. I’m very proud to say that The Star does this well. Our working environment has safe measures and practices in place to allow us the freedom to perform and achieve.

We all need to feel a connectedness in life and because we often spend great amounts of time working with others here at The Star, I’m proud to say I personally feel recognised and respected. So, thank you everyone for being my home and family outside of home, and for allowing me to be unapologetically me.”

Linda Walsh, Lawyer, Corporate, Legal Department
Linda Walsh, Lawyer, Corporate, Legal Department
Positive initiatives matter

Linda Walsh, Lawyer, Corporate, Legal Department

“It gives me great pride to say I work for an organisation that continues to invest in making its LGBTIQ+ community feel welcomed, safe and acknowledged. Initiatives such as the Spectrum community, participation in AWEI and genuine LGBTIQ+ celebrations help Allies like myself spread the awareness, advocate, promote and educate on behalf of our LGBTIQ community. The more voices, the better!”

Mardi Gras a highlight
Mandy Boxsem, Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs  

Mandy Boxsem, Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs

“I am proud of the work and commitment The Star has shown to make sure everyone from the LGBTQI+ community feels included and welcomed, from policies and inclusive language to a simple rainbow lanyard which many colleagues are wearing to showcase their support. Spectrum, our employee group for LGBTQI+, consists of an amazing, passionate and talented group of employees who volunteer their time, skills and talent to make The Star a more inclusive and welcoming place for its people and guests.

The combined efforts from The Star and Spectrum resulted in the bronze status at the Australian Workplace Equality Index in 2020. Plus, participating in the yearly Mardi Gras is definitely a highlight for our team across both NSW and Queensland. The feedback we receive from team members every year is absolutely amazing.

Personally, my welcoming moment is when I can be my complete self while working across all departments and at all levels – whether I speak with our CEO or the bartender at The Star about my personal life – I feel welcomed, included and valued. There has not been a moment where I felt I had to ‘watch myself’ and hide who I am out of fear of judgement or discrimination.  

We have amazing people working at The Star who are incredibly passionate about ensuring The Star is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. I feel pride in working for a company that reflects this.”

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